At Ashvale Haulage we offer a range of services to suit all of your transport and haulage needs.

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Ashvale Haulage can provide for all your aggregate and waste disposal needs. Supplying in bulk (generally 20 tonne loads), we can deliver a full range of primary (first use) and secondary (recycled) aggregates, whilst adding the facility to dispose of surplus arisings to suit your specific requirements.


All materials can be supplied to meet your contract specification with supporting documentation where necessary. Primary aggregates may be sourced locally to match existing materials or nationally to meet specific characteristics for the area your project is taking place. Ashvale are bulk suppliers of all granular sub base materials, capping layer, sands, gravels (processed and “asraised”) and soils.


To Promote sustainability, we actively promote the use of recycled or secondary use aggregates and can demonstrate the suitability of the product for use, through experience gained within our earthworks contracting activities for major clients and local authorities.


As a leading Aggregate’s supplier, we can offer advice on material specification and ensure a competitive price and timely delivery due to operating our own fleet of 8 wheel tipper lorries. Direct management from our offices near St Albans ensures effective scheduling of deliveries and control of your material.


6F2 Crush 45-75mm clean 6F5 Clean oversize crush no fines Type 1 grade screened-topsoil-mfs74g7jsjefw50jko0ss95xs1wz4o6y9 10-20mm-stone-mfs7408akcskernr5z453v73oi3qhtfiivsp soft-sand-mfs74msf4dng5eqzi8v6rpi5xr0jmjx2lzgdeojs sharp-sand-mfs74kwqqpkvi6tpt81xmpz8qz9t75plxq5eg4m


Crushed Concrete

Type 1 Graded

45 - 75mm

clean stone

75mm plus

clean stone


clean stone

Screened Topsoil

Soft Sand

Sharp Sand