At Ashvale Haulage we offer a range of services to suit all of your transport and haulage needs.

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In Order to make sure our equipment

and vehicles are the safest possible

work environments for our drivers and

also the people around them, we have

installed a number of safety devices to

minimise the risk of incident’s.

We also aim to ensure that our impact

on the environment is minimised as

much as possible. We want to promote

the image of construction for the better

to ensure that our clients can proceed

with their project with no disruption

caused by local complaints.

We are FORS compliant and registered

to ensure that we meet the highest

standard for working within London. We

also run our vehicles inline with the

cross rail specifications.

Our Vehicles are fitted with the following equipment:


  • Automatic tail gates (removes the need for the driver to exit the vehicle to open the tailgate)


  • Automated sheeting controlled from inside the Cab of the lorry (removes the need for the driver to climb the side of the lorry to sheet a load)


  • Onboard weigh loaders to give accurate readings to prevent running overweight on the road


  • Side detection sensors (to detect pedestrians/ cyclists who may be located in the lorry’s blind spot .


  • Left Turn Alarm (sounds an alert to pedestrians and cyclists that the vehicle is turning left, activated automatically when the indicator is used.


  • Rear cameras


  • Blind-side cameras to detect pedestrians/ cyclists


  • Movement tracking system, allows us to manage deliveries and give accurate time of arrival to our clients.


  • Chapter 8 and TFL signage